Today, as we become more and more connected, the threats to your business have expanded and now include every mobile, smart, and cloud-enabled device on your network. Cybercrime threatens every business not only with disruption, but a data breach can lead to financial loss, damage to your brand, and loss of credibility and trust in the marketplace.

Like any other device on your network, your printers and MFPs are vulnerable. Left unsecured and device on your network can be an open door posing tremendous risk. A recent Quocirca report discusses the vulnerabilities surrounding print. With advanced connectivity, and the ability to collect, process, and store large amounts of data, your MFP can be a weak link in your IT infrastructure. The report also found that 61% of large enterprises suffered at least one breach through unsecured printing.

Today, you must be proactive and take a multi-prong approach to security. Here are a few tips to keep your data safe.

  • Include Your Print Devices in Your Overall Security Plan – Today’s MFPs are basically computing devices, complete with hard drives and Internet connectivity. Include every printer in your fleet in your security plan, regardless of age, model, or brand.
  • Secure Access to the Network – Like any other network device, MFPs require controls to manage network protocols, protect against malware and viruses, and limit network access.
  • Secure the Device – Encryption adds another layer of protection. When moving or disposing of an MFP, use a data overwrite kit to securely remove all hard drive data.
  • User Authentication – Use authentication like PINs, keycards or bio-identifiers at the device to reduce unauthorized printing. Pull-printing ensures that output is only released to authorized users. Authentication allows for monitoring devices and tracking device usage.

Today, print security requires a comprehensive approach the includes technology, print policy, and education. A single breach can cost your company thousands of dollars, and damage your brand and credibility in the marketplace. Work with a Managed Print Services provider to create a comprehensive approach to security to ensure that your company’s business data is kept safe and secure. Next to your employees, your data is your most valuable business asset!

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