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Put Paper In Its Place With ConnectKey

It can seem like an insurmountable task to try and locate documents amid the piles typically found on desks around the country. When you consider the trend towards a more paperless office environment, it’s a wonder more businesses haven’t opted to digitize their documents, but thanks to Xerox ConnectKey, getting that paper off your desk, and in to the cloud, is easier than ever.

Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs) with ConnectKey technology allow users to take control of their print environments, with options to print from any mobile device, or even from the cloud—but what sets them apart, are their scanning tools and solutions.

Here are four ways ConnectKey scanning solutions can help reduce your reliance on paper, minimize clutter, and allow employees to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

Searchability: ConnectKey’s scan to searchable PDF function, allows users to easily, and efficiently, search for files helping to save time, and reduce frustration.
Editable files: Optional software lets you scan and convert documents, manuals or other printed materials, and converts them to editable Microsoft Word files, helping to make outdated or redundant information useful again.
Cloud technology: Scan text or images to the cloud quickly and easily from your ConnectKey-enabled MFP or mobile device. Once scanned, you can choose from a number of popular cloud services, including Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Office 365 and more. ConnectKey-scan to cloud, helps to organize, share, and send files securely, password protect files and make retrieving them a breeze.
Flexibility: More work is conducted outside of the office walls than ever before, and the Mobile Link application addresses the need for scanning options while on the go. This application lets users configure and manage print jobs from their smartphone or […]

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Take These Steps For A Successful Print Security Plan

Today, as we become more and more connected, the threats to your business have expanded and now include every mobile, smart, and cloud-enabled device on your network. Cybercrime threatens every business not only with disruption, but a data breach can lead to financial loss, damage to your brand, and loss of credibility and trust in the marketplace.

Like any other device on your network, your printers and MFPs are vulnerable. Left unsecured and device on your network can be an open door posing tremendous risk. A recent Quocirca report discusses the vulnerabilities surrounding print. With advanced connectivity, and the ability to collect, process, and store large amounts of data, your MFP can be a weak link in your IT infrastructure. The report also found that 61% of large enterprises suffered at least one breach through unsecured printing.

Today, you must be proactive and take a multi-prong approach to security. Here are a few tips to keep your data safe.

Include Your Print Devices in Your Overall Security Plan – Today’s MFPs are basically computing devices, complete with hard drives and Internet connectivity. Include every printer in your fleet in your security plan, regardless of age, model, or brand.
Secure Access to the Network – Like any other network device, MFPs require controls to manage network protocols, protect against malware and viruses, and limit network access.
Secure the Device – Encryption adds another layer of protection. When moving or disposing of an MFP, use a data overwrite kit to securely remove all hard drive data.
User Authentication – Use authentication like PINs, keycards or bio-identifiers at the device to reduce unauthorized printing. Pull-printing ensures that output is only released to authorized users. Authentication […]

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Small Businesses are Increasingly Going Digital to Save Time and Money

As large corporations have moved increasingly to digital workflows, smaller businesses are being left behind. Digital workflows have a number of benefits for SMBs, with many companies seeing significant benefits within the first 18 months. From increased productivity to better monitoring, the benefits can be even more important for small businesses with limited resources.
Surprising Paper Facts
Paper many be costing your business more than you think. On average, each office worker uses over 10,000 sheets of paper per year, nearly half of which wind up in the recycling bin within 24 hours. All this paper has to go somewhere, with filing cabinets costing as much at $1,500 each in space and maintenance costs.

Beyond the sheer cost of the paper itself, you’re losing money to lost productivity. In paper-heavy offices, employees can lose 6 hours per week hunting for documents. Misfiled and lost documents come with a hefty price tag. Even more alarming is the fact that experts believe 70% of paper-reliant businesses would fail within weeks if they suffered a fire or flood and lost their documents.
Going Digital
Going digital eliminates many of the overhead costs of relying on paper documents. Digital storage is very affordable, and allows you to easily make and store backup copies in multiple off-site locations. If your main office suffers a fire or flood, your documents will still be safe. Cloud storage also allows employees to access documents remotely, which is increasingly important in today’s fast-paced world.

Digital files can be easily indexed, making them quickly searchable. When employees no longer have to waste time rifling through a filing cabinet, they can spend their time doing work that will bring in revenue. Human resources and accounting especially benefit from the efficiency and […]

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Printer Security Features to Look For in Your Next Device

A 2017 report from smallbiz.com found that 43% of cyberattacks actually target small businesses and the a full 60% of those businesses attacked go out of business within 6 months on an attack.

In order to protect yourself, you need to understand your points of vulnerability. You also need to put a plan in place that is easy to implement, reliable and affordable. One place to start is with your next print device. Here are some innovative security features to look for in a new printer that can lower your risks of attack.

• Secure Printing – Your team routinely sends documents to the printer only to leave them lying around as they move on to other tasks. This can expose confidential information to prying eyes. Your next printer should offer user authentication. Users must enter a PIN number or other identifier at the device in order to receive their job. This prevents unsecured data from just lying around.

• Data Encryption – When you send unencrypted data through your network to the printer you’re vulnerable to hackers. File encryption protects data as it moves through your network, as well as at the device, ensuring safety from creation to completion.

• Data Clearing – Today’s printers are essentially computers on your network. They come with hard drive storage and must be protected like any other system on your network. Removing data, whether physically or automatically can lower your risks. Your next printer should offer data deletion using approved data removal algorithms.

• Cloud to Device Automation – If your employees scan data using unauthorized cloud applications you are at risk. A printer that offers automated cloud to device workflows can help your staff to be more productive while allowing […]

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Thinking About Ways to Cut Costs? Look to Your Scanner!

In today’s competitive marketplace you need to seek out every opportunity to lower your costs while improving your team’s productivity. Your office scanner can help you cut costs, improve document workflows and increase productivity. It’s common for many businesses to still be reliant on paper workflows. Using your scanner can cut your reliance on paper, lower print and consumables costs and make document sharing and collaboration a breeze!

A recent IDC survey found that 21.3% of productivity losses are related to paper in the office. Here are four tips to improve your productivity and cut costs by using your office scanner.

Scan Safely – Every business needs to be concerned with safety. Multifunction printers (MFPs) equipped with Xerox ConnectKey technology provides end-to-end scanning encryption. ConnectKey can also encrypt and password protect data using the Scan to Email app. External email is encrypted between MFPs and externally hosted email servers.
Scan to Email – Scan to email allows direct to email scanning and delivery with one simple step. The recipient can open, view, and save any document. This process uses protocols like SecurePDF to keep your information safe.
Mobile Scanning – The Xerox Mobile Link app lets you scan or fax from any device. By connecting with ConnectKey enabled MFPs you can send documents to, and print from the cloud. Additional options let you scan or print directly without connecting to any network.
Scan Documents to Collaborate and Share – Studies have shown that document recovery can take up to 18 minutes per incidence and that professionals spend up to 50% of their time searching for information. ConnectKey enabled devices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can create searchable, documents that can be edited and shared. […]

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IT Should Not Be Your Printer “Help Desk”

When you hit the “print” button on your computer, there’s an expectation that everything will go perfectly from there.

When it doesn’t, though, whom do you turn to? Your IT staff?


As skilled as the “computer guys and gals” are at researching, programming, developing and troubleshooting today’s software, the hardware side of print technology is a departure from the expected skill set.

That’s a message many of us need to hear: As much as 40 to 60 percent of Help Desk calls concern printer issues, and printers usually fall outside the expertise of IT. You may get advice to cancel and resend your print job, check your printer settings or reboot your computer, but for anything more technical, you need a printer specialist.

You have one

When hardcopies come out wrong – or not at all; when supplies run low unexpectedly; when you discover you’re spending more per page than your budget warrants … a Managed Print Services (MPS) specialist can be your go-to resource.

Outsourcing the sometimes troublesome and time-consuming details of print fleet maintenance to a skilled third party will ensure that you and your IT staff can get back to your core competencies.

A Managed Print Services provider reporting to your organization can monitor printer performance to catch small problems before they become downtime issues; supply just-in-time paper and toner so you never run low (or waste money on too many consumables); and even train your staff on print best-practices that could save you money in the long run.

Learn more

Ask us for a free print assessment of your workplace, and take the next step toward better productivity.

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How Document Scanning Can Improve Your Office Workflow

When was the last time you spent hours searching for a document to resolve a customer issue? Searching through piles of paper all over the office, rifling through file cabinets, all in search of that one document you needed.

Imagine if you could simply type in a search word or number and retrieve the information you needed with a mouse click. That’s the major benefit of scanning your documents and creating an electronic database. Document management can make your business run smoother.

What is Document Scanning?

Document scanning (also called imaging) is the process of creating a digital image of a paper document. Using Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) your document is converted into a digital text file which means it can be searched for and retrieved using various criteria.

When properly done, scanning can improve your business workflows, saving you both time and money. Here are several ways scanning can improve your business:

Save Time and Money – Access documents easily with a mouse click. That means no more time wasted searching for a critical paper document. Free time can be spent on core business initiatives instead of searching through paper.
Improve Customer Service – Digitized files are easy to find. When you need that critical document to address a customer issue, a simple mouse click and it’s there, meaning less time and stress when dealing with customers.
Reduce Storage Needs – Converting paper files to digital documents reduces the need for rooms full of filing cabinets. The can free up valuable office space for more important uses.
Improve Document Security – Original documents can be scanned and securely destroyed, or boxed and stored in a secure dedicated storage facility. Digital documents are […]

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Do You Know What Your Inkjet Printers Are Costing You?

What’s more expensive per ounce than crude oil, Dom Perignon champagne and Chanel No. 5 perfume – combined? To get the answer you need look no further than that small inkjet printer occupying someone’s desk or in the copy room.

At an eye-opening $32.99 per ounce for black ink (four-colour costs even more), inkjet ink cartridges are one of those unexpected expenses that some offices don’t take into account when purchasing these types of printers.

After all, the cost of an inkjet printer is pretty low, so that investment must pay off in plenty of low-cost copies, right?
The pricing structure for inkjet printers resembles that of safety razors. The razor itself is temptingly inexpensive – but the razor blades will set you back quite a bit! Marketers, knowing you can’t use one without the other, make the “smaller” purchase expensive to encourage you to buy the larger item and use it frequently.

A typical ink jet cartridge is supposed to last for a manufacturer’s estimated 500 prints. However, the yield of that proposed print is just 5 percent of the page. Since most of us want more than 5 percent coverage (which is about the amount of text in this single paragraph), your actual cost per page could reach 65 cents – and even higher if you print images or add four colours of ink to the mix.
Get your money’s worth
Take advantage of a complimentary print assessment for your workplace, conducted by a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider.

You will learn exactly what your office’s print habits are costing – and how to reduce those costs through better equipment and better workplace print habits.
You will discover the best printer layout for your company based on usage.
And you will also […]

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Take Note of These 4 Social Media Mistakes SMBs Frequently Make

The pressure is certainly on for businesses to have a social media presence, especially considering that nearly 9 out of every 10 businesses are using social platforms to promote their brands. However, just because the vast majority of businesses are using social media today doesn’t mean that they’re doing so correctly. 

Here are four commonly made social media marketing mistakes:

1. Joining too many social media platforms.

Sometimes businesses don’t consider where their target audience is spending their time online and instead join every popular social media platform. It can be difficult to effectively manage one social media account, let alone 10. It’s best to just have a presence on a few social media platforms where you know your audience is hanging out and focus on being really intentional with the way that you spend your time on these sites. 

2. Sharing the same content across every social media platform.

It would seem that an easy solution for consistently posting content on your various social media platforms would be to post the same updates across the board. However, it’s important to realize that the types of content and the ways that users interact with it varies from platform to platform. Additionally, if you’re simply posting the same status updates across all of your social media channels, you aren’t giving your audience a very convincing reason to want to follow your various social media accounts. 

3. Ignoring comments on posts.

Likely your primary objective of creating great content is to inspire engagement and spark conversation, right? It’s important to respond promptly and professionally to all comments on your social media posts. Failing to do so will cause you to lose credibility with your audience.

4. Not paying attention to analytics.

The unique thing about social media marketing […]

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Is Your Wireless Printer Protected? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Most businesses today have at least one wireless printer, scanner, copier or multifunction device in their office. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook the vulnerability of wireless devices on their network leaving them open to attack.

The damage of unprotected wireless devices in your office can be devastating and can impact much more than just the device; without a firewall in place, you’re granting open access to your entire network for anyone who hacks into your printer. A skilled hacker can retrieve anything on the network: proprietary information, employee personal data, anything. They can install malware or viruses and corrupt other devices, even take down your entire network. Unfortunately once this happens, there is little you can do.

You can protect yourself by taking a proactive approach. Securing your wireless printer is an important first step. Here are four of the most important areas to focus on:

1. Install Firewalls – A firewall adds an extra layer of security to protect your network from hackers trying to access print devices. If they can crack into the printer, they won’t be able to go any further easily.

2. Clean Hard Drives Regularly – Your printer has a hard drive. Clean it frequently, daily if possible. This way if anyone does manage to break into the device, they will not obtain much information, making their efforts fruitless and leading them to go elsewhere.

3. Encrypt Your Network – Encryption protects information as it travels from device to device. Strong encryption, like SSL, ensures that even if access is gained, the data is undecipherable.

4. Limit Access – Keep control of your network. Only allow known devices that are authorized access. ALWAYS!

Like any other technology, wireless offers advantages as well as challenges. Ensure your wireless […]

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